Using Art to Relieve the Stress of Covid-19

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Using Art to Relieve the Stress of Covid-19

Using art to relieve the stress of covid19In these troubling times, we are all experiencing some degree of stress (and we want to relieve stress).  I know some business owners (accountants) who are super flat out and stressed from overwork.  Others have little work OR little income and are feeling that stress.

Art is a great way to relieve that stress.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on equipment, materials or gear; in fact, often we can paint over and re-use old canvasses.  Drawing might be on a cheaper paper.  There are many options which are very economical, starting with the options at the Dollar stores or Kmart and, of course, working your way up to the top range materials and equipment.

Whether you want to do some pencil drawings, paint or some crafty activity, just give it a go.  Part of the benefit of art and relieving stress is to not try to be perfect.  Just play with the medium, test some different methods and simply surrender yourself to the relaxation of art and the joy it can bring you.  If art isn’t your thing, or you’d like some variety, then I must say that gardening is very relaxing also.

So, stay relaxed, enjoy any time off you may have (rather than resenting the break) and stay safe!

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