7 Things To Do When You Sell an Art Piece

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7 Things To Do When You Sell an Art Piece

How to sell an art piece As I sold another piece of art this week, I was reminded of the extra things that we should be doing when we are selling a piece of art or a painting.  Thought I’d share my list with you.




Things to Do When You Sell an Art Piece


1. Action promptly

You want to ensure you action processing the transaction as quickly as possible.  Covid seems to be an excuse for slack service from some businesses whilst others seemed to have been able to keep up exceptional customer service, with only 1 or two extra days required for shipping.  For that reason, it’s smart to have all pieces ready to ship before you actually list them on your website.  Then it’s simply a case of pack and send.

2. Raise a correct tax invoice (or receipt)

Don’t forget the bookkeeping side of things; you need to issue your customer a correct tax invoice (or receipt) unless that has been automatically actioned by your online payment system, website or booking program.  Certain things are needed on your tax invoice, so ensure you are gathering that information as quickly and efficiently as possible.

3. Package it safely and nicely

Ensure (so again time is not wasted) that you have everything required for packaging.  That may include nice (pretty) tissue paper, bubble wrap, labels, stickers and of course boxes in order to package your item so it presents well, but will also likely arrive safely and in one piece.  If you are shipping, then offering insurance options might be wise.

4. Include information

You may wish to include an information sheet with your piece.  Information may include hanging instructions, how to clean (or not clean) your art piece or how to care for it.  If your art should not be outside in the sun, say this.  That way no one can come back and complain that the rain and sun damaged your piece.  Common sense is not always common place.

5. Ask for a review

If you have a happy customer (it’s always good to check first) then ask them for a review.  Don’t just say “go to my website and leave a review” but actually provide them with a link.  If you are ever asking someone for a favour, make it as easy as possible for them to action that favour for you.

6. Mark it as sold

Don’t forget to either remove that piece off your website (or any other online listings) or mark the item listed on your website as ‘sold’.  It annoys people when they set their heart on something only to discover it’s sold.  Let’s avoid annoying our customers.

7. Add that person to your database

They have purchased one piece, so there is a likelihood they will purchase another.  Adding them to your database to alert them of specials or deals or simply to remind them about some new pieces as they come up, makes sense.  Remember with all email you must have an ‘opt out’ option for them.  If you are based in Europe, America or Canada there are additional email regulations – know your countries anti-spam regulations.


If you are in the business of selling art, then I hope this list has been helpful for you.   If you’d like to have a browse of my art pieces or any of my merchandise just reach out to me via this website or drop me an email at donna@artwork2love.com.

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