Top Art Themes and Subjects That Sell to Hotels

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Top Art Themes and Subjects That Sell to Hotels

Pink ForestMany hotels recognise that their visitors are not just looking for a comfy bed, good service and correctly priced room – their stay involves the whole experience.  For this reason, the ambience of the hotel, and the décor and artwork on the walls (or displayed in other ways) is also relevant.   Some hotels boast artwork that most galleries would be proud to host.   They want the experience of their clientele and visitors to be one which is exceptional – meeting the need of all our senses.   I’ve had the pleasure of staying in hotels where the towels were wonderfully soft, the hallways smelt lovely (not dank, musty or disgusting) and have seen the most wonderful décor and art pieces both in the rooms but also in the foyer and hallways.

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Just like how company offices also display art pieces to reduce anxiety and monotony in the environment, or to impart a sense of luxury or prestige, so does the hospitality industry utilise art.   This manner of investing and exhibiting artworks in hotels is called Hospitality Art and has become a global trend.  It has helped hotels gain more popularity and edge over competitors because it adds value and identity to the brand of the hotel.  They are trying to offer the experience more than accommodation.  A long time ago, the basis for a notable hotel rating revolves around excellent service, modernized amenities, delicious food offerings and responsive staff.  These days, art galleries inside hotels round that experience.   Hotels have absolutely considered art as a fundamental rather than ornamental element of its design.

Famous hotels from around the globe have been noted for its celebrated and grandiose collections of artworks aside from their location, lavish interior design and splendid façades.  Certain hotels even house rotating exhibits alongside their art centres that usually feature all kinds of arts.

However, not every piece of art is worthy of displaying inside a hotel lobby.  For hoteliers to successfully choose the best artworks to display in their hotels, they can get the help of art consultants.  It is important to wisely choose the most suitable paintings because they also serve as investments.  The art pieces that are relevant to the guests’ preferences and those that complement the whole interior, in general, are the rudimentary items worth investing in.  Some hotels do not acquire paintings from popular art collections but contracts original works.

With hospitality art becoming a trend in the hotelier industry, artists now have the newest venue in showcasing their works.  Selling art does not come easy but definitely takes a lot of work.  As an artist, we must consider painting or creating art which may need the needs of the hospitality industry, should that be a market we are considering.

To get you thinking, listed below are the top themes and subjects of arts that sell best to hotels and offices:


Traditional Landscape and Local Views

The popularity of landscape painting can be traced back for a long time and has continued its famous spot today.  Landscape paintings are the go-to theme that usually attracts common art buyers and viewers.  Art authorities state that artworks that depict nature are sure hospitality art hit. Illustrations that show cherished scenes of woods, rivers, meadows, gardens, and cityscapes have a nostalgic and sentimental value that is relatable to many.  They can easily blend into different design environment.   Landscape arts that show infinite space also enchantingly make a room bigger, by which hoteliers find very beneficial.  It also adds manifestation to rooms without windows making them vibrant and alive even without outdoor views.

Local views that portray indigenous scenario, landmark, event and any other subject distinct to specific vicinity are ideal themes for galleries inside hotels.  They are also a great way of putting a marque to any company offices.

Historical Paintings

One way of creating a brand for a certain industry, hoteliers choose to display paintings that represent true-to-life setups especially those that are commissioned by local artists.  This idea also favours hotels especially to guests that like to learn a lot about the place.  It also pays so much if the traditions and culture of the area are depicted in the paintings and recounts comprehensively to the audience.

Abstract Paintings

Abstract paintings are hard to comprehend but they sell a lot.  Perhaps because looking at abstract paintings is known to create positive effects on the brain and body.  The brain relaxes and releases hormones that compose the body and nerves and makes the observer stress-free and happy.  Hence, art consultants and hoteliers prefer to choose them.  Abstract paintings are top sellers because they are safe and are open for any interpretation and can stir up a good conversation.   Match (or contrast) colour schemes with the bedding, pillows or furniture and you’re set.

Seascapes, Harbors and Beach Scenes

Seascapes and beach scenes always have a way to anyone’s heart, even in paintings.  There is something about them that attracts people.  Any water form paintings are top sellers because they are always inviting.  The colour blue is calming and sceneries depicting water makes a person creative and stiller. Again, if the room has no window, then this is a great option.

Dogs, Animals, and Wildlife

Dogs are popular painting subjects and have proven to sell well enough.  Most art consultants, hoteliers, and viewers could not resist the canine charm of dogs especially if they are illustrated in their domesticated nature and distinguishing bond with humans.  Other animals and wildlife, especially those with forest and grassland as their backdrop are also inviting subjects that attract viewers and guests in hotels.  Particularly relevant are animals of that region; if you’re in Canada, then perhaps Bears, in India, elephants, Kenya may be lions and in Australia Kangaroos, Kookaburras,  Koala or Dingoes.

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