What to Consider When Choosing Art for a Room

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What to Consider When Choosing Art for a Room

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What to consider when choosing art for a room

Windy FieldThere are a few things to consider when you are choosing art for a wall, room or space.

Here are my top tips to help you.

Art pieces are fantastic decorations for any space. The right piece of art creates a focal point and can enormously catch attention. It also brings a sense of texture and provides an instant colour palette into every room. Moreover, art makes a room appear finished and full and lifts the heart. A big and beautiful painting is an excellent option if you are working on large spaces. Putting is the perfect piece can take a bit of skill and an ‘eye’. There are several factors to consider in achieving uniqueness and adornment.

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Firstly, I strongly believe you need to like the piece. I know some people buy art because of the artists name, or because that artist or style is fashionable at present. May I respectfully suggest you don’t follow the crowds and chose a piece that gives YOU joy and which you can relate to. In my home I have up only pieces which I love – whether that is my art, that of my grandfathers or a few pieces from other artists. Frequently you are looking at a piece dozens, if not hundreds of times a day – so chose something you really like!

In choosing the perfect piece of art, colour is a fundamental key. An art piece that contains relevantly the same colours as ornaments, furnishings, carpets or wall colours is an excellent choice to pull all the elements of a room together. I’m not saying it should be the same colours, but the tones should compliment. However, a piece that is completely in contrast with the colours of the space is also an exceptional choice to accomplish a daring and spectacular effect. Though, working with contrast, there is striking contrast or shocking contrast; be sure to make the right choice.

Size also matters in selecting the right piece. The artwork should complement the size of the space. The scale of the artwork should have a mutual relationship with the dimension of the wall to hang it on. In addition, the purpose of the artwork should also be considered in choosing its size. If the piece of art is intended to become a central spot, a larger piece is great. Nonetheless, for a piece to use as supplementary decorations, smaller pieces work really well.

It is also best to consider where the art is going to be placed. Flaunting artworks is a brilliant way to define an area of a space. Even more, for pieces that are set to become focal points, consider them over the furniture. Whatever role the artworks are going to be in a room, make sure to have a general idea so that they appropriately fit in.

Another major factor to be given consideration is the style. It is not a mistake to play with different styles. Non-traditional ones that are quirky, unique and fun can make an admirable statement to your space. Furthermore, artwork does not only mean paintings so make certain to decorate the room with other pieces such as photographs, illustrations, posters, and sculptures pottery that can bring out the best in them. Cushions also can greatly compliment a piece.

Finally, be sure to light your feature pieces suitably. Whilst natural light is ideal, it’s not always possible. I have a beautiful large piece on a feature wall opposite my kitchen but the lighting on that wall wasn’t great until I had an electrician (www.danstoneelectrical.com.au) put up some dimmable spot lights which now give that piece the lighting it deserves.

Most importantly, if you are working with a designer or adviser, the only opinion that completely matters will be yours alone. No matter how beautiful and fitting the piece is, if you do not love it, then it will never look right. The right piece of artwork may evoke positive emotion, bring back memories, contain special accounts and takes credit to be pleasurably viewed every day. Art can lift spirits and afford joy over and over. There are so many pieces of artwork that can be found everywhere. In choosing a special one among thousands, seek understanding of them and discover your taste. Also, explore local art scenes, use social media, search on Google and connect with people to find out the perfect art for your room.

Written by Donna Stone – Artist & Blogger
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